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Our Journey

We are a footwear and accessory brand focusing on promoting and reviving indigenous craftsmanship and supporting urban social causes through our products.

We strive to design and develop products which are rooted in India - either by the techniques used, material or design.

The products are MADE BY INDIA using locally sourced materials and time honoured craftsmanship.

Apart from being a town in Mali in Western Africa, Timbuktu in English also refers to an imaginary remote place at the other end of the earth. The company was conceptualised in 2011 and the idea was to create a virtual realm for responsible world citizens – a type of Utopia where people are conscious of their contribution to society and the environment. Ticket symbolises a chance – a chance to make a change.

Through our journey all these years, we were lucky to meet and collaborate with some inspiring people across borders - from highly skilled artisans to driven youngsters creating ripples with their social causes. Our highlight was to be able to gift a book for every shoe sold to Fountain of Learning – an initiative to nurture and educate children in remote regions of Ladakh (Fountain of Learning is started by Avalokitesvara Trust). And thanks to Abhigya who is the founder of the Trust, we were able to set up libraries for little children in various regions in Ladakh.

As all good things must come to an end, we have decided to close the company by the end of 2024 and have our entire collection at a discounted price for our old and new clients!


We hope you appreciate the time and the craftsmanship gone into making each product and enjoy wearing them as much as we all enjoyed making them!

Thank You

Team TTT

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